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Although S'gaw Karen characters are included in the Myanmar Unicode range, commonly-used Burmese fonts and keyboards do not fully support the additional characters (U+1061, U+1062, U+1063, and U+1064) that are used in S'gaw Karen but not used in standard Burmese. Some fonts, like Zawgyi, actually overwrite these codepoints with extra glyphs from standard Burmese.

Fonts : On this page, we use Padauk, a Unicode-compliant font from SIL that supports all Myanmar languages. If you copy and paste your text into another program, please make sure you are using Padauk there also, or another Unicode font with support for Sgaw Karen characters.

For users of Firefox, this site also displays Padauk's language-specific glyphs for S'gaw Karen. Graphite must be enabled for this to work. For other browsers, this site uses the standard Burmese forms. To see if it's working in your browser, compare these two forms below. If they look different, then congrats, you're using Graphite!

နွဲၣ်မုၣ်ပှၢ် vs. နွဲၣ်မုၣ်ပှၢ်

Mobile users : This keyboard is designed for desktop computers. To type in lix wa on your smartphone, download a Unicode Myanmar keyboard and follow the instructions to switch your phone's keyboard. Then you don't need to use this page.

Other layouts : You can choose between two different layouts using the dropdown on the top right. If you want us to add another layout, submit a request on GitHub.